a plump faced me from the archives (:

Today is the 1st of July, which means we have passed the half way point of 2020. What?!

I think we can all agree 1. where has the time gone – again?! 2. it’s been a very weird one so far. Many of us probably had plans to do certain things this year, but a certain pandemic interrupted them and kept us inside – for safety.

I wanted to jump on here and quickly reflect on how I’m feeling, which might prompt you to do the same. I promised myself this would be the year I say YES more, and oh my have I! What may seem trivial and small to some, has been so big to me and one of the major things I have to thank myself for, is undertaking a placement year (I will definitely be writing a post on this!).

I finished it at the end of May after many difficult months, some of them not so nice, but the whole experience proved so beneficial as it gave me the kick up the butt I’ve needed for a long while. My experience of university so far has been mixed – and I’m sad to say, most of it negative. Seeing my peers enjoying it makes me feel even more down and I’m constantly thinking What am I doing wrong? Why do I feel so down ALL THE TIME?

I’m doing a degree in Management which is okay. To be honest, it was a safe option. I have enjoyed studying business, however various experiences and decisions led me to it by thinking it was the ‘right’ thing to do, compared to what I actually wanted to do. Now is the time to make mistakes.

I’m more of a creative being and my confidence has progressively waned since starting college and then uni, which made me feel I wasn’t entitled to do the things I wanted to do and having this internal pressure from my parents – which is to some extent, nonsense.

So what am I trying to say?

Six months of the year have already gone; 3 to 4 of those have been written off for us, but I’ve made the most of the time to try multiple new things (maybe too many? But I’m coping). I have realised I have spent so much time waiting for the ‘when I…’ moment – but let me tell you, the only person in control of your fate is you.

Luck does play a part, yes. But you must control the things you can. Like what, Lizzie? How you feel. Saving money. Saying yes – or no. Doing an extra few burpees at the end of your training (I stupidly did 100 almost every day throughout June, yuck). Painting that fence yesterday that you said you would do last year. Enrolling for a course. Reading that book. Enhancing your skills to get your dream job…!

For instance, I said YES to making my blog, SAVED MONEY to do my PT qualification, HOOVERED a cobweb I had been putting off for so long, MAKING TIME AND SAVING MONEY for lessons (tbc…), PUTTING PEN TO PAPER and writing the things I’ve always wanted to…. blah blah!

And I am much happier – not totally, but still happier – compared to when I didn’t put myself first.


Whilst some people do not have the luxury to do such things by having other commitments, it is so important that you make the time for you to make sure you are happy, in whatever way you can be.

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