Travel Essentials

It’s official, I’m going on holiday! This is a long overdue break that I am not ashamed to admit that I DESERVE. It’s important you take some time out for yourself, which is what I’m doing!

Obligatory goofy ‘I’m going on holiday!’ pic.

I’m heading to Gran Canaria at the end of the month, so I thought this would be a great time to get in the holiday spirit and share my travel essentials for a warm getaway

It’s important to get the important stuff right, you with me?

It’s very easy to get excited for holiday, but in order to enjoy it, make sure you have the boring but essential stuff out the way:

-Is it SAFE?
In the UK, the website is handy for making you aware if the place you are travelling to could pose a risk to you, so make sure to research thoroughly and remain aware of the advice given when booking, or once you are there

– Travel Insurance and Visas
My focus here is mainly for those travelling, not those looking to work abroad for instance as this falls into its own category. Don’t be the one to think you won’t need insurance – you never know. Some countries don’t require you to have a Visa, but be sure to check beforehand and some can take a while to process and can cost

-ID (legal forms of identification)
Ensure where you are travelling to accepts your type of ID and keep it safe; this could include your passport and driver license

– Parking
If you’re you away for a set amount of time and prefer to take your own vehicle, book as early as you can to firstly secure parking and two, save money!

– Hotel/accommodation documents
Most hotels require you to present booking details upon your arrival, so have these to hand so minimise your wait time, as the last thing you want to be doing is hanging around after a long time travelling!

– Flight/travel information
It may sound obvious, but make sure you know where you are going and when. If you’re flying, you should find out which terminal to fly from as there can be more than one airport in close vicinity – it can easily be mixed up!

If your holiday is a more on-the-go one, to make the best use of your time, make sure you plan! I’m going to the USA later this year and we have already been planning for a couple of months already and aren’t even half way yet! Conversely, if it is a chilled one then you only need to plan…to chill (:

Fun Stuff: PACKING!

Click the icon below to see my travel packing list that I use. Do this ideally in the week running up to the holiday (or before, even better!), as you may find yourself dashing about getting things you thought you had from your last holiday!

If you’re going for a short/overnight stay like I am later this week, try this list

Most importantly….
enjoy it!

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