St Patrick’s Day – Guinness Cupcakes

Guinness? In a cupcake? Yes. What is St. Patrick's Day?From my research, this special day celebrates the St Patrick's death, a patron saint in Ireland. It involves certain traditions of coming together, sharing a few drinks, hosting Irish-themed parades, donning some shamrocks and green attire; I also learned it is a national holiday for Ireland! [...]

Quick Lunch Ideas #1

This week's post was a sudden change to my original plan after a lightbulb moment from one of the girls at work: 'omg I'm running out of lunch ideas, I just want something healthy' *lightbulb moment for Lizzie* This aims to provide some ideas to those wanting some new inspiration, or to make an adjustment [...]

Easy Gingerbread

Biscuits! A perfect, classic bake for Christmas How can it be Christmas without some sort of ginger invention in the house?! Whether it be gingerbread loaves, cakes or biscuits, it is the ultimate spice to get you in the festive spirit! I can't remember how I came across this recipe, but it's a good one [...]