So, you want discounted books? I hear you.

Yesterday I headed to 66 Books Ltd in Hemel Hempstead, a warehouse where you can get access to a pretty good range of books over 2 floors, all for just £2 a year.

You may be wondering: what is it? How does it work?

About and membership

Made famous by BookTok, the membership enables you to 70% off all books. If buying for a school, you can get 80% off – just remember to show a valid ID.

It was pure heaven. Rows and rows of shelves filled with books. The smell is just blissful. All of them words waiting to be devoured. There’s a great mixture of adult fiction, classics, non-fiction and children’s. There are some signed books, well-known titles, as well as old, popular ones you’d recognise. If you’re aiming to find some recent BookTok books, I’d say this isn’t the place to go, but you can still get a bargain on thousands of other titles.

Opening times, rules and advice

66 Books opens one weekend a month to the public/members, but you have to buy a membership when you get to the till if you don’t already have one.

It’s open 9am-6pm, with no entry after 5pm.

I’d say you need at least 2 hours if you want to go through each level thoroughly, especially as it can get quite busy so you have to meander through many a people through the narrow rows! You can keep up to date here on their dates throughout the year.

As it’s becoming more popular, be prepared for queues going in and even when you’re about to pay. My boyfriend and I were very fortunate to get there just before 10am with no queue, but maybe it was the full day of heavy rain that put more people off from coming. I have, however, heard otherwise of people having to queue for a couple of hours to get in, before waiting another hour or so to pay for the till. In that case, take a book or earphones and listen to a podcast while you wait – oh yeah, and a sturdy carrier bag or two.

And final housekeeping, don’t open unopened boxes. And two, if you decide there’s a book you don’t want, put it back where you found it! Otherwise staff have to spend hours afterwards having to return them to the shelves.

My purchases

For what was meant to be around £70, I managed to get 6 books for £21.28 (£23.28 including membership)! What a bargain! All you have to do is take 70% from the cover price.

  • Slow Horses – Mick Herron (inspired after watching the Apple TV series)
  • Hush – Kate Maxwell (recommended by Emma Gannon)
  • Trillion Dollar Coach – Eric Schmidt, Jonathan Rosenberg and Alan Eagle
  • Seven Days in June – Tia Williams
  • An Ordinary Soldier – Doug Beattle (for my Dad)
  • Inside the Third Reich – Albert Speer (a controversial one! But for my brother who is fascinated by history)

Hopefully this has covered some of your queries and made you even more hyped to visit 66 Books! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. You can check out my YouTube video below too.

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