I am SO excited about this week’s blog posts, because I am bringing you my take on a piece of the… BEAUTY PIE!

I have wanted to try this out for so long (years!), and am pleased to reveal I have indulged and tried out as many products as I can to give you an idea of what it is, how it works, and what the products are like.


Beauty Pie advertises itself as a ‘Luxury beauty product buyers club’.

By signing up to a subscription, you can get access to luxury products at affordable prices without the retailer markup.

It is the genius idea by serial entrepreneur Marcia Kilgore who founded the super popular Soap & Glory brand, as well as FitFlop, Soaper Duper and Bliss.


Read on to find out how to get £10 off your first order!

It works on a subscription basis to bring you luxury products without the hefty price tag. Currently, they have 3 memberships available:

  • £10 – one time fee. 24-hour access to member-only prices
  • £59 annual membership (I have this one) – save up to 75% on everything, always. Bonus days, wild card offers and treasure hunts
  • £99 annual membership – same as £59 with a starter kit worth £225
Some of the products you could save big money on!

For example, you can get a £50 RRP product for £15 with your membership!

If you choose not to get a membership, you will instead pay the full product price.

It pays to save!


I haven’t seen many 2021/2022 reviews as there seemed to be a wave of interest at once, even though they have new products coming out every few weeks/months.

They have LOADS on offer, including skincare, makeup, body care, accessories, eye masks, pillowcases, beauty sponges, candles, room diffusers, makeup bag… you name it!

I’ve ordered from Beauty Pie a couple of times now and let me tell you… I am beyond impressed!

I learned from the skincare queen Caroline Hirons that beauty products sell better when packaging is pink – I can definitely see why! Even though there is a little too much packaging for my liking, it is recyclable and an adorable clean, baby pink.

The quality of the products is amazing and the branding is faultless.

The delivery was super quick – my parcels arrived with 2-3 working days of placing my order.

The service is also impeccable, for example when enquiring about a foundation shade match, I emailed with my Lancome foundation and shade which they matched as closely as possible – and they got it SPOT. ON.

Bottom left – remaining spending limit on your profile

The site is very easy to use, where you can see a remaining balance to spend on your membership each time you make a purchase (see bottom left of the image).

I purposely used my other products up and waited before placing a damn big Beauty Pie order – getting that pie! Add the membership to your first order (check out my link below to get £10 off! – not sponsored) and it will automatically bring the prices down for you.

Are the products any good? You’re damn right they are! Don’t expect them to smell as nice as luxurious products – the main interest is in how well they perform and how they compare to luxury items. Some of them didn’t wow me over, but other definitely did and I can see myself buying them again.

How did no one think of this before?! Oh yeah, because Marcia Kilgore is a GENIUS!

GET MONEY OFF – Get £10 off your first order! Not sponsored!

Then when you’re in, you can do the same for your friend! Everyone wins!

I’ve also recorded some YouTube videos, so check them out here.

What is it? Bodycare, Haircare and Fragrance



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