a twinkly Marylebone

Have you ever been on a day out just by yourself?

I have a few times and feel quite rejuvenated and happy whilst doing so.

However, earlier this week I had a half day from work and went to the big smoke on my own – to watch a show! And fulfil my bookworm needs of course…

I’ve heard about solo things to do in London before, but have normally gone with someone to see other people or do something, or on my own just to walk around or do some shopping. But on this occasion, I went to see The Diary of a CEO Live at the London Palladium – what an evening!

The Diary of a CEO Live at the London Palladium

 After a long, delayed train journey into the city thanks to Storm Eunice, I ventured for the tube and wandered through Piccadilly Circus, Regent’s Street and Soho, with the intention of picking up a coffee from GRIND, but sadly it was very busy inside so headed elsewhere. That’s one of the novelties I like about London, a good, proper coffee. From here, I popped into my favourite London bake shop, Crumbs & Doilies in Soho where I grabbed a double decker brownie to munch on later – I ended up saving it for the next day, you’ll see why!

Heading to the busy Oxford Circus, I had a nosy around the Nike store full of bass-y music, where I have my eyes on some shoes I may get in future…

As the show was at a weird time and I hadn’t had lunch, I treated myself to a LEON on Regent’s Street (‘lunner’, if you like – lunch-dinner). The chilli chicken box – delicious!

Then onward to find a Crosstown Doughnuts. When in London, it’s too good to waste such a trip if you don’t look for great food! And oh my, it was beyond great… there were a few different options of doughnuts on display in the tiny bright shop, where I treated myself to a super-soft, delightful, plump (expensive £4.50) Cinnamon Scroll… salivating right now! Nothing can ever be recreated like that experience. And a decent coconut latte – my go-to anywhere. The brownie could wait until the next day.

Full of delicious food, I made my way through the dusk of London into the twinkling lights of Marylebone. I picked up a £55 Ralph Lauren top for £15 from Oxfam – I nearly got a jacket too and some books. You can get so many good bargains in such an affluent area!

Executing great self-discipline, I went to the one and only Daunt Books! This is the perfect, cult stop for any bookworm visiting the city. It is a book haven, with an array of books, notoriously known for its travel section which extends out the back over three levels.

Again, much self-discipline had to be emplaced so as not to come out with my own library, and I treated myself to a Daunt Books bag and Three Women by Lisa Taddeo.

To avoid drowning in books, it was a firm walk back up Regent’s Street, popping into a few shops along the way including Anthropologie and Barbour, and then, of course… Piccadilly’s Waterstones!

It’s one of the biggest in London and I love it every time I go in there, where I confess I got Elizabeth Day’s The Party, which I read a few weeks ago and LOVED it (post coming soon)! I like to get paperback copies of library books I’ve read and loved, knowing I will read them again.

With a couple of books in tow and a tum full of food, it was time for the show! Check it out here if you haven’t already to find out about the experience!

After a long day, I got the train back home close to 1am!

It really was a perfect, spontaneous evening and I thoroughly enjoyed wandering on my own, in my own comfort bubble. It’s the small things that matter to me.

Every time I visit London for work or pleasure, I always feel flat for a few days after as I love the hustle and bustle. Do you feel it too?

Another great day that I’m happy to have shared with you, thanks for reading ☀️

Disclaimer: If you buy books via any of the links on my site, I may earn a commission from Bookshop.org, whose fees support independent bookshops. This does not cost you anything extra. Your purchase helps to support independent bookshops and will I earn a small commission from each sale to support my blog. Thanks!

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