After securing one of the most sought after sold-out tickets to Steven Bartlett’s first night of the Diary of a CEO Live at the London Palladium, I don’t think anyone knew what to expect.
This was an evening for people loyal to his podcast and his journey, and I was one of those people.

If you aren’t aware of who Steven Bartlett is, he is a young British entrepreneur who runs The Diary of a CEO podcast, published his memoir / self-help book Happy Sexy Millionaire and has recently become a dragon on the BBC’s Dragons’ Den, where he invests in entrepreneurs’ businesses.

It was very unclear what this event was about, yet it gained enough interest for it to sell out – was it a stage show? A story? A musical? A live podcast recording?
This unique show was a collection of songs, storytime of his life, poetry and podcasts excerpts. I can see why some people might see it as self-indulgent, however I saw it as a deep insight into how you can strive to make things happen that work for you, and ultimately make you feel:

Whilst the show was about his experience from quitting university at 18 to becoming a multi-millionaire 10 years later, Steven Bartlett spoke to the audience and said ‘this is about you’… and how damn RIGHT he was! His performance spoke volumes to me in more ways than one, relating to me in so many ways and even squeezing a few tears out of me more than once. I’m sure others did – the show was for anyone and up to them on how much they related.

I went on my own and am not even ashamed to admit that – I loved it! I got to enjoy that time for me.
It was immersive. Raw. Honest. Inspiring. Compelling. Moving. Emotional. Spiritual. Beautiful.

Split into 2 parts (didn’t know there’d be an interval), the nearly 3-hour long show was a journey and experience of life and lessons we can all relate to, about becoming better and getting to where we truly want to be.
I won’t lie, I was a bit miffed the show got pushed back by 30 minutes, and when it started, he didn’t appear on stage for another 30! He had some great singers to introduce the show, including the INCREDIBLE House Gospel Choir – how have I not heard of them before?!

I could sense everyone around me becoming slightly agitated and confused; where’s Steven? We came here to see Steven!

But praise, he did come along.

The entire show was so immersive with some beautiful voices, along with words full of power and inspiration by Bartlett.
Part 1 focused on life and lessons we can all relate to, sharing his experience of being disowned by his mum for dropping out of university to start Wallpark, through to Social Chain and his co-founder’s relationship with alcohol, before getting onto the stock exchange and seeing his net worth, where he ultimately felt nothing – money isn’t everything. And it takes a millionaire to say that after years of hard work.
What goals are then left to strive for? What is your purpose?

After 5 to 10 minutes of storytime about his life and learnings, he featured podcast excerpts reiterating or supporting his point, followed by a powerful, relatable song by the House Gospel Choir which helped to tell his story even more. This was the main structure throughout the night.
There were some famous faces, past guests and influencers in the audience, including my favourite author Elizabeth Day! How did I miss her?! There was also Jack Maynard, Alice Livieng, and Rochelle and Marvin Humes.

The music was so powerful, featuring independent artists and some solo performances from the choir, including a dude with a futuristic looking violin, and a girl named Hamzaa who had an INSANE voice! They were full of soul, spirit and the power to move you to tears.

It was emotional. Even more so in part 2 which was more focused on love and relationships. It started to feel like an apology and confession, and then it made sense why… SPOILER AHEAD!

He explains the following a little in his podcast and his book, but here he shared his story of breaking up with his past girlfriend and he wasn’t prepared to compromise for things she needed, before flying back to Indonesia to repair things.
As he detailed his self-development of learning and become a better, understanding, more empathetic person, I did not expect to cry from the moment he revealed he and his beloved Melanie had reconciled!

Heart-shaped confetti dropped from the ceiling, he walked over to the side of the stage and reached up to hold her hand where she sat, she was wiping tears from her eyes – and so was I! And the girl next to me!

I did not expect it to get emotional AT ALL, nor I from the moment the Gospel Choir started singing a beautiful rendition of Latch (one of my favourite songs EVER, period.) Hell, I didn’t know it would affect me so much! It literally caught my breath and I had to recompose my lonesome as two couples sat either side of me! Dammit.

Who knew a podcast could turn into a powerful show only a few years later?!

FYI if you’re going and fancy grabbing some merch:

Hoodies £50
T shirt £30 (I got one and it came with a free tote bag!)
Tote bag £10
Caps (I’m sure I saw these) £15
Book £10 (I think)

I SO wish I could relive this evening again. It’s one of the best, personal, touching, relatable things I have seen on stage and hope others admire and felt it in the same way I did.

Praise for Steven Bartlett and his team!

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