Finding a book that can make you smile, laugh and cheer you up on the first page is always a good sign. That was this case in comedian Michael McIntyre’s memoir A Funny Life.

This was ultimately a quick read, and I absorbed every bit of humour and wit he crammed in, much of it I have already heard before from his shows and DVDs etc, but others which are just plain funny. Of course it is going to be a funny book, he intends to make you laugh – he is a comedian after all! I get he isn’t totally everyone’s cup of tea, so maybe steer clear of it.

I’d say this memoir focuses on his last 15 or so years in the showbusiness industry, where I believe his first, Life & Laughing, looks at family life and him trying to crack into the comical space. Visiting Michael at the beginning of his career, you go along the journey with him as he describes his experience with his very supportive wife, Kitty, and young family. It’s phenomenal just how successful you can become in such a short amount of time when exposed to the public eye – but with high risk, comes high reward and vice versa.

I appreciate how honest and transparent McIntyre is with his experiences of money, from not having any (and still making a joke) to being very financially secure. It’s truly infectious at how positive, tenacious and driven he is. Whilst others choose to reflect on what they’ve achieved, he instead focuses on what’s next, which I guess makes this a good chance for him to reflect.

To reflect on the highs and lows, successes and failures, and most importantly; friendships and relationships. Whether that be relationships with family and loved ones, but above all his friendships with other comedians supporting him as a struggling comic at the Edinburgh Festival, to his representative ‘Addison’ who sounded like a great, bold man! Their relationship cannot be summarised to appropriate justice here, and is only told quite candidly by McIntyre throughout which did make me happy, yet sombre if you know the story of him. But then I’ll let you find out when you read this! More surprises from bad one liners, needing a pee, TV flops, roadshow hits and revenge on … Simon Cowell?!

My rating sits on a different level of other 5 star reads I have done: a comforting 5 out of 5. This comes down to the fact that I smiled in every chapter and literally laughed aloud. What a read! Great for a pick me up and if you’re seeking a warm, fun read.

Rating – 5/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Genre – humour, autobiography, memoir

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