T.M. Logan continues to impress me. Trust Me is a compelling thriller that follows female protagonist Ellen Devlin on a train to Marylebone, where she meets Kathryn and baby Mia. From the off, something seems strange when Kathryn asks Ellen to look over Mia shortly – would you let someone you just met on the train look after your child? Or would you even trust yourself to look after them?

It turns out you can’t trust anyone. Not even the people around you. Or people you think can help you most when she finds a disturbing note in Mia’s bag:

Don’t trust the police

Don’t trust anyone

Protect Mia

And Kathryn doesn’t return. She’s walking on the platform as the train pulls away…


So who do you turn to?

Who do you trust when you can’t even confide in the most trusted people?

I found it compelling that Logan chose to write from a female perspective, gauging the right tone with Ellen who has longed for a child of her own, yet hasn’t been able to, along with the spiteful news her now ex-husband is having a baby with his lover.

With baby Mia in your arms that isn’t yours, what would you do? What could possibly happen to you next?

Get threatened at gun point to go into a stranger’s car, that’s what, with said baby. I found this part of being taken to a secluded warehouse by Dominic a bit fishy, but don’t worry, he serves his purpose later on…

More eery things continue when she is introduced to DI Gilbourne and DS Holt; one of them who she develops the hots for, the other a bad egg – or is he? I’ll let you find out that one. Her house is broken into. She seems to be followed. And above all, she misses Mia. She is very protective over her, despite her not being her child.

Ellen’s broken marriage and desire for a child encapsulates her as the baby takes over her life, with the ongoing thought of whether she can even trust the police. Or anyone

Like in Logan’s other novels, I like how he features other character points of view to help us understand where the story is, further adding to the agonising suspense! I always feel a bit uneasy when a child in danger or at harm is involved in any story, yet I felt determined to stay with it, especially as Ellen remains strong and willing to protect Mia, although some will say it is a little far-fetched.

People are hurt, some killed and others revealed.

Why all the fuss and extremities over a baby girl? Who is she? Who does she belong to?

More good news to come after the success of Logan’s novel… he’s announced he is going to be releasing another! I cannot wait to read his upcoming novel, The Curfew, due to be published in March 2022! So be sure to look out for more posts from me about that, and of course his other 2 earlier novels I want to read…

Rating – 4/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Genre – thriller, mystery, suspense

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