Picture France in the sun. A perfect summer holiday.

That’s what Kate thinks when she, husband Sean and kids Lucy and Daniel, head to her friend Rowan’s summer rental for the week with her husband Russ and daughter Odette. Amongst them are their shared uni friends celebrating their 40th birthdays joined by their children trying to find something fun to do whilst the adults chill, drink and reminisce on their lives.

Like T.M. Logan’s ‘The Catch’, I raced through this just as quickly and enthusiastically!

I will admit, some of the characters are very unlikeable, as most of them seem very snobbish or out of touch with real life. It all kicks off when Kate gets the impression that Sean is having an affair after finding messages on his phone from the mysterious CoralGirl – who she narrows down to be one of her friends.

Jennifer and Alistair are a stuck up couple, whilst singleton Izzy has also tagged along – could it be her? Or is just too obvious?

It seems to just be a domestic issue at first which I was a bit disappointed with, expecting something juicer, but oh my, Logan soon fills the void as tension arises amongst the friends and they appear to learn more each other, despite knowing each other since their uni days…

I thought it was interesting T.M. Logan chose to speak from a female perspective (as well as 3rd at various other points), where he went through Kate’s mindset and spiralling thoughts of working out who CoralGirl could be, especially as she is a police detective.

The pace soon picks up as the adults argue, the kids cause mischief by finding a deep gorge and start fires – along with a murder thrown in later on!

 I really could not put this down, another great read from Logan! There was a lot going on in a short pace of time amongst the adults and children, however I was compelled to finish the book in the few days it took me. I am so pleased to have found a thriller-writer who has restored my interest in mystery and suspense fiction, all amongst ongoings of affairs, betrayals, dares and bullies.

More great news is that the book has been turned into a tv miniseries which will be shown later on this year! It will be on Channel 5 and feature Jill Halfpenny who I am a fan of. I just hope they don’t mess it up! 🤞

rating – 4/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
genre – thriller, mystery, fiction, psychological fiction

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