I’m becoming more open to trying out genres I am not too keen on, for instance crime and thrillers, which is this post’s choice: The Catch by T. M. Logan did not fail to disappoint!

It is quite lucky I picked this up, as it was only to make up a 3 for 2 offer in the charity shop! (It was meant to be!)

First we meet Ed, a family man, but also somewhat possessive over his daughter Abbie. Any father would be protective over his children and be sceptical of any new addition, no less when Abbie introduces her boyfriend, Ryan. He doesn’t trust him from the offset, with no inkling as to why. Is it all in his head, or does he have good reason?

It seems Ryan is quite a catch: good looking, a hit with Ed’s wife Claire and grandmother. But what is the catch? Is Ed trying to catch him out?

The best news comes for Ed when Abbie and Ryan announce they are in fact engaged – and to be married within a couple of months!

Ed falls into a piteous downward spiral as his suspicions get the better of him, going to extreme lengths of stalking his future son-in-law and placing trackers on his car! Does he have good reason to stop his daughter marrying the charming Ryan?

I will admit I was on Ed’s side and something didn’t sit right: I get true love exists, but why would anyone think it to be okay to announce marriage upon the first meeting with the in-laws?

Logan captures every detail perfectly, tying up loose ends only at the very end, explaining why Ed and Ryan are the way they are. I love that Abbie and Claire are not just in the background, playing key parts too later on.

There’s a catch, someone is trying to catch, but will they be caught?

There are twists everywhere: just as you think something is settling, another detail catches you out, making you re-think what the character’s true intentions are.

This has slowly restored my interest in these types of novels as I am a sucker for romance, coming-of-age novels and chick lit, so this is a great find of a new author for me!

As a result, I have bought another 2 of his novels, The Holiday and Trust Me, so look out for them in future!

rating – 5/5
genre – thriller, mystery, suspense, psychological thriller

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