Another GREAT novel from Ruth Jones, who also wrote Never Greener which I really enjoyed. Even though she has only written 2 novels so far (with a 3rd in the pipeline!), I have thoroughly enjoyed each of them as they are stories with real, relatable characters and storylines.

Us Three focuses on the friendship of Catrin, Judith and Lana, switching between past and present and how they deal with ups and downs along the way, which most of us will experience in our own lifetimes. But with any novel, there is always going to be a twist thrown in – and comedy in true Jones style.

Their lives are intertwined through not only friendship, but love, romance and betrayal.

This begins on their trip to the Greek Islands where they reveal and learn about their true selves, giving an indication of what can be expected for later in their lives. The storyline is original, but remains gripping as the friends experience their newfound freedom together, albeit Judith’s horrid mother Patricia cursing her for leaving. Catrin remains the constant rock throughout the novel, finding instant love with Sol, a charming boy enjoying his freedom before university.

Complications arise, friendships get pushed to the limit and betrayals emerge. As they return to their lives back home in the UK, tensions between the friends emerge, particularly Judith and Gareth (Lana’s boyfriend) who become sick of Lana’s behaviour, where they eventually become close – very close. Inevitably, this is seen as the ultimate betrayal, where it comes to a head. I won’t lie, some of it did seem predictable at times, but remained intense, raw and real as some friendships do collapse and become impossible to mend.

I felt for Catrin who is left in the middle, acting as the pillar with her beloved Sol as Jones takes us through the years of her best friends having frosty meetings, yet little contact at all.

Their lives come together once again – but can they ever come back from where they left off? It is heart-breaking that such girls were so close, yet can now seem so far.

Trust me, I can relate to this one 😔

The novel ends where it began, where the friends are reunited at a funeral – but whose? And how will they react? Is this what will bring them together?

I truly loved this book, as well as her first, Never Greener. I’m looking forward to her next novel, but I don’t think this will be until next year! (let’s hope it’s in a paperback 🤞small things)

rating – 5/5!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
genre – romance, fiction, coming-of-age, domestic fiction, humour, holiday fiction

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