I have a feeling this would be a good novel for a GCSE or A-Level English Literature curriculum: one of those confusing books that has been hyped up for some questionable reason.

This book was just confusing. Most coming of age stories can be, however, this seemed more so due to the blurb being far different from the actual content. It felt like I was reading a book totally unrelated to what the blurb was pitching, based on working in warehouses and attending parties for those living the high life.

I was quite disappointed with this novel by Jessica Andrews, as the blurb did a good job of enticing me, where the opposite of judging its cover occurred!

It’s a coming-of-age story split into 4 parts, which I think is based on Andrews’ own experience between childhood, through to being a teen and young adult. It appears to be a piece dedicated to her mum and how she felt when with her, how she feels safe and notices the small things she does that reminds her of her childhood.

Told through Lucy’s eyes, she describes her family life: her deaf brother, her absent father, her strong, comforting mother. With most coming-of-age stories, there is no major arc point, however, I still found there was nothing too interesting as I read on. I felt a little cheated that the story seemed very different to the blurb, switching between childhood memories of Sunderland and Ireland. The mention of nightlife in high end places – where?

I was so confused as to the lack of mentioning this in the novel, unless I really did completely miss it, otherwise it was a small part blown up along with the lack of direction.

It’s a shame I didn’t enjoy this book. Lucy does seem to find her feet as she navigates through young adult life and a completed university degree. I can see why it may have won awards, as some confusing books get that, but I sadly would give this a miss 

rating – 2/5
genre – coming of age, bildungsroman, psychological fiction

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