Bridget Jones and London vibes. The perfect concoction to the perfect novel – yes, perfect, really! Some might think of it as an overstatement, but as frustrated as I was at times with the storyline, it worked out so well, hence my 5-star rating!

Nadia is adamant to start living with a new routine in her life to make her more organised – or maybe less disorganised and in a rush and spilling coffee on herself. Things don’t get off to a great start as she misses her 7.30 train at Angel tube station, where she could happen to meet the potential love of her life, Daniel.

Unknowingly to her, he has written in the Missed Connections section of the tube paper, hoping to get in touch with her, or let her know he has a crush on her. I’ll let you decide if you find that creepy or romantic – turns out there is a website that exists for this!

Fortunately Nadia’s friend Emma makes her aware of coffee-stain girl and is convinced it is her. We then follow a tale of will-they-won’t-they meet saga as Nadia remains oblivious to Daniel when she finally makes the tube with this knowledge.

The annoying, yet clever thing about it is – neither of them know where the other is at!

Throughout I wanted to shake the pair as a result of their near misses, feeling devoted to one another despite having never met, even when Emma insists she set Nadia up on a blind date – which neither realise is DANIEL! Nor does Daniel realise Emma wants to set him up with Nadia. Emma has no clue about them! GENIUS!

The characters are charming throughout, although I wasn’t too keen on Lorezno, Daniel’s sleazy, laddish flatmate. In contemporary romantic fashion, it appears much interaction is done online, leading to the obvious Instagram-stalk (I know you’ve been there). Laura Jane Williams is so clever at how she gets the characters to meet, where it was completely unexpected as to where they would be next, yet so expected as we learn they are so alike – just get together already!

It just goes to show that we shouldn’t pussy-foot around, as chances can evaporate quickly, as Daniel learns when he sees Nadia with another man… (oh come on, it’s not a spoiler, surely you could’ve predicted that at some point?!)

I also got Josie Silver vibes similar to her One Day in December novel when reading Our Stop. I’ll let you find out if they ever get to meet, even with the help of the rival #OurStop trend and interest in others’ romance…

rating – 5/5
genre – romance, comedy, contemporary fiction

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