I’ve read a few Sophie Kinsella books and this is one of my favourites, alongside Shopaholic 1!

Starting off in the UK, Lottie is convinced her long-term boyfriend Richard is going to propose. She is adamant he is the one. She even has an engagement ring for him to return the favour … needless to say, in typical Sophie Kinsella style, Lottie’s vision does not happen. Richard is not the one, so she tells herself. She cries to her older sister Fliss that her life is over – something she has heard countless of times about previous boyfriends– all the while dealing with her own divorce.

From the get-go, this book is hilarious and full of such twists: so much so that Lottie catches up with ex Ben, who ends up proposing! (besides the fact they haven’t seen in each other in 15 years!) After 2 weeks of radio silence, Fliss learns of her sister’s engagement and realises she is serious about marrying Ben!

Begin project stop-Ben-Lottie-wedding

Fliss manages to change Lottie’s mind at the last minute with the help of Lorcan, the up-tight business companion of Ben’s that she has ‘accidentally’ slept with. Just when you think the characters are safe from stupid choices, in comes the news that the pair do actually get married!

The heck? AND they’re flying to Greece for their honeymoon! It is the place where they first met on holiday as youngsters, but also where a fire happened that burned down a local hostel…

Next up had me chuckling as Fliss launches into hijacking her sister’s honeymoon by calling on aides at the hotel to, basically, stop Lottie and her new husband from having sex

Or in other words, prevent the sausage going in the cupcake.

She sees it as her sisterly duty so they can annul the marriage and forget it ever happened. Anyhow, as she makes her way to Greece with the little boy Noah in tow, she is joined by Lorcan and Richard who learn of the news! 

Again, as expected, unexpected twists and turns happen.

Meanwhile, the newlyweds are in married bliss as they await the hotel (having previously tried in the airport toilet), until they are met by teletubbies on the TV and separate beds – in the honeymoon suite!

Fliss’s aid Nico pulls out all the stops to fulfil his assignment, hovering around every corner, even supplying peanut oil after their massage which doesn’t end well…

I could not put it down, especially during the ‘Couple’s Quiz’ where they learn they may not know enough about each other, but they know about each other as Sally and Dirk from their favourite TV show?! The pairing is hilarious with some obscure answers; riskiest place having sex on the District Attorney’s desk, or never leaving the house without a gun in her handbag. Amazingly, they get to the final 2 couples for the grand finale!

I wanted to keep reading for as long as my eyes and hours in the day would let me, as I thought I would know what would happen before another hiccup occurred. Their attempts to give in to temptation does not falter, but the delay continues. 

Anyhow, the trio (and Noah) get to Greece, but Richard has accepted that Lottie may have actually moved on and parts from them. Has he truly given up?

Before long, Fliss and Lorcan manage to catch up with Ben and Lottie – have they done it? 

Have they put the sausage in the cupcake

And will they figure out how the fire really started – and who was to blame?

rating – 5/5! hilarious! 
genre – romance, comedy, fiction

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