It might be becoming a theme now that I read Sophie Kinsella books occasionally, – the truth is, I’m a sucker for her chick lit!

Whilst I couldn’t quite relate to the novel of married characters, I came to understand what it must be like being married/in a long-committal relationship when you achieve everything you look forward to in life e.g. finding love, falling in love, marriage, babies, a house, holidays.

We meet Sylvie and Dan, a married couple with beautiful twin girls. Set in South-West London, Kinsella provides wit throughout her writing, as well as sadness as Sylvie reminisces about her dad who passed a few years before. It starts with the couple attending a health exam as part of their life insurance assessment (fun!), only for their doctor to flippantly observe they have 68 more years together.

In typical Sophie Kinsella style, her heroine overreacts and comes to the conclusion her and Dan need more surprises in their marriage.

I didn’t expect to chuckle so much as I read on, with Sylvie trying on a cashmere jumper Dan has ordered (without him knowing she has tried it on), buying him breakfast (only to be served unusual foreign alternatives), the appearance of Dora the snake (which the twins love), unwanted ‘college friend’ reunions and an attempt at an erotica shoot (courtesy of her next-door neighbour)! Things I would never have expected to read or think of to spice up a marriage – some ideas for you if you are in a pickle, I guess!

However, I did not expect there to be a quite so dark twist, as Kinsella’s novels are normally quite uplifting. Yet, I was entranced and raced through the novel, as it seems Sylvie and Dan’s marriage is falling apart – surely there is a reason for his moods and secretive behaviour? What surprises does he have in store for her?

rating – 5/5
genre – romance, comedy, domestic fiction

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