I have often thought before how some people find the time to read so many books, wondering when they fit in having a life besides working and sleeping! Some of the people I follow online seem to churn out a book a day(that would be a dream…)! Of course, this doesn’t just have to be limited to books: some people enjoy a newspaper, journal article or tweet – just a miniscule overview of content out in the big wide world and web.

My joy and way of caring for my mental health comes from reading – everyone has their different outlets of escape. It stimulates my creativity and I always look forward to reading, always having more than one book on the go, as I tend to switch it up depending on my mood and attention required. 

I’m writing this post now having almost finished my university studies, having a little more free time than everyone else, however, I do still treat it like a 9 to 5Everyone has the same hours in a day, it’s what we do with them that matters. Yet, I am also in a fortunate position where I only have to manage my own time: I do not have a pet or children to look after, so it is understandable that some may disagree with the former statement.

The thing is, I am a sucker for planning and organisation which calms my mind and helps me feel in control – with some unexpected surprises here and there! 

Some of the things that have helped me read more:

to get better at anything, it is key to be resilient and practise practise practise. Reading more often and different types of medium will help you get better and read faster (so you can enjoy even more books!)

Make the time
some people are better at organisation at others. Maybe it is time for you to become friends with your calendar if you haven’t already. Even now, look on your phone and set aside some time (even just 10 minutes) for later

great for time-poor people! Even better for those who really do struggle to read, especially if you get a good narrator. (Stephen Fry reading the Harry Potter books is phenomenal) Most UK libraries offer a free app where you can access these, otherwise there is Audible.

Find a good book
difficult to say until you have read it. Read reviews, blurbs and find a genre that works for you. This can help you narrow it down to a particular author (my fave is Sally Rooney)

Break, move and read
but how? If you have lunchbreaks during the day, it is possible to find a few minutes to yourself and read through a few pages, or if you’re out and about, check out an audiobook and enjoy!

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