I owe you own – Sophie Kinsella

this week it’s another Sophie Kinsella book – I owe you one.

I will admit this hasn’t been my favourite book of hers so far. nevertheless, I whizzed through this in less than a week, switching between the audio book (narrated by Fiona Hardingham, who is brilliant) and physical copy.

we meet ‘Fixie’ Farr, who has a habit of fixing things. 

one day, she is simply minding her own business in a café when the handsome Seb asks her to watch her laptop. in this brief moment, she saves it from getting soaked by a leaking roof. from there, the two are bound, with Seb insisting he owes her one.

what got me from this was Ryan (her brother Jake’s friend) – basically a sh*tbag who is in the way and blags his way through anything, which Fixie naively gives into (where’s the #girlpower?!) as she has been obsessed with him since childhood. 

this is where she uses her debt owed to seek help from Seb, however this soon spirals out of control as a means of back and forth. I got a bit annoyed at the unrealistic pace of characters mingling and disasters happening.

despite these mishaps, I liked the ending (which again happened very quickly). it is still a bonnie read in typical Kinsella style with her charm and wit infused throughout.

rate: 3/5

genre: comedy + romance

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