My original post for this week was meant to cover my Travel Bucketlist and places I’ve been to – however, due to recent events, I didn’t think it would be appropriate! My holiday to Gran Canaria has been cancelled as a result so I’m feeling a little down and am sure others are due to advice and restrictions, but thought I would try and give some suggestions on things to do during this uncertain time.

A lot of us will be either working from home, or spending time away from public places as a result of Government measures from Covid-19, so here are some things you do to pass the time to (somewhat) stay sane!

-Follow Government guidelines and advice
-Use your commonsense (:
-Wash your hands/sanitize where you can
-If you have symptoms, follow advice and self-isolate

I do this before bed anyway and find I sleep better – try making some time for yourself, as you may not have to worry about the early get ups for work. This is a good chance to work on your mental wellbeing too; there are plenty of apps and youtube videos to help you out

A home workout or run outside is better than no exercise, as long as you are keeping your distance from one another. It is inevitable that a lot of us will lose muscle mass, but I think there are more important things to be concerned about right now!

Read a book
Widen your imagination, or soak up some knowledge!
My current reads (I can never have just one!):
-Battle Scars, Jason Fox
-Year of YES, Shonda Rhimes
-The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle
-My Lovely Wife, Samantha Downing

The Government does still encourage exercise – you can go outside, as long as there are no mass gatherings and social distancing is adhered to. Basically, minimise your contact with anyone
Sadly, The National Trust have now closed their grounds but for good reason due to everyone having the same idea, however you can still take a short walk close to home.

Baking and Cooking
Make use of the stove and oven instead of using the microwave or ordering food in; it’s healthier, cheaper and ultimately, fun! Check out my earlier posts for food ideas, or check out on insta and youtube where there are plenty of ideas – if you can get anything for the shops at the moment…

Clean and tidy
It’s likely you will be in the same space for a while, so try to improve your surrounding environment to make you feel more organised and motivated to work

TV Shows/Netflix/streaming
Binge. Yes, I am encouraging it! It’s the easiest way to pass time and there are plenty of thing to watch on TV and on Netflix; my current faves are:
BBC The Split
Channel 4 Bake Off
ITV Liar
Netflix Virgin River, Suits (see my bullet journal lists!)

Board Games/Puzzles/Cards
If you’re ‘trapped’ with family members, why not bring out a pack of cards of board game!

Write it down!
It’s likely you will get cabin fever, or feel like you’re going insane looking at the same four walls, so write your thoughts and feelings down, you may find you feel a slight weight come off your shoulders. It may do wonders for your wellbeing

Pick up the phone
This is a particular good one if an elderly family member is self isolating alone. It honestly means so much to them for you to spend a few minutes talking to them. The same goes for friends; instead of messaging, just give them a call

Self Pamper
A face mask, paint your toes, a bath – guys AND girls included!

Whether you have a colouring book, picture or fancy drawing something, make the most of this therapeutic hobby

Start a journal or blog!
This is one of the things keeping me sane at the moment! Make use of this creative space and make it your own, however simple or complex!

Obviously, please use COMMONSENSE, no haters and stay safe. If we listen to the advice provided, we can all do our bit to overcome this that little bit sooner (:

A big shout out the the NHS staff for working around the clock to help people and supermarket workers for dealing with the not-so-patient customers – let’s not take them for granted!

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