New Year, New Decade

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I thought I would give us all a few days to recover before getting back into the blogging and work routine.

I wanted to take this opportunity to focus on my goals and potentially the decade – what do I really want to achieve?


I have done a skydive and participated in NCS for causes very important to me. Time to think of something different!

The past few years of uni and work has made me think about what is it I really want to do, so I can wake up everyday and actually enjoy what I’m doing. This could mean going back into study to achieve this

Youtube/Podcast – not quite sure I have the confidence, but would I love to share knowledge, thoughts, be creative, learn a new skill and just interact with supporters! I have some ideas and opportunities I would love to share, especially as I learn more about myself. Watch this space.

Goal: Australia and New Zealand!

Mental Health
This will always be a work in progress for me and something super important to me; I aim to be more in control, try not to get as upset and care less about others’ opinions of me

2020 GOALS

I would love to go to Paris again (it’s been nearly 5 years!). I’m looking to help out a family during the summer break for a couple of weeks, improve my French, gain some more independence and embrace time away to reset – also, I’M GOING TO AMERICA!

Another skydive! Maybe in America this time?

Make the most of my final year – the city, time with friends and independence

Enjoy summer – probably the longest one i will get before going into full-time work after uni!? And to stop worrying about how I look in a dress or pair of shorts!

What are you looking forward to this year and decade?

3 thoughts on “New Year, New Decade

  1. Thanks for sharing Lizzie. Relinquishing control is powerful, I hope people treat you with all the respect and kindness you deserve.


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