An AI chat bot wrote this blog post

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A bit of an impromptu blog post this week, mainly due to the frenzy of Elon Musk’s recent chatbot which is stunning academics, tech enthusiasts – and me. Maybe even you.

So much so, reading about and then trying the free ChatGPT bot out put me in a funk for the rest of the day, leaving me thinking: does this mean I’ll be out of a job? This is something undoubtedly on most writers’ minds as the bot becomes more intuitive as more humans use it. I managed to get it to write a couple of blogs for my Marketing job and I won’t lie, they weren’t half bad. It’s the new kid on the block which I hate to like, because it is quite a genius little thing – and it’s only in its infancy.

Some of the things that come to mind on how it will shift industries, is its impact on journalists and students. Imagine using bots to write articles and essays in a matter of seconds. How will bosses and academics police this?

We’re safe for now, but maybe in 10 years we’ll be seeing something a lot more different and sophisticated, beyond the publishing industry.

But what does the bot think? (I wrote everything up to this point, by the way)

Will ChatGPT put people out of jobs? (it took a few seconds for it to come up with an answer)

It is possible that some jobs may be automated or made redundant by the use of large language models like GPT-3. However, it is also likely that new jobs and industries will be created as a result of the development of these technologies. Ultimately, the impact of large language models on the job market will depend on how they are used and implemented in different industries.

Still curious, I asked the bot:

Are you excited by its impact?

As a machine learning model, I do not have the ability to feel emotions like excitement. My primary function is to process and generate text based on the input I receive. I am here to assist vou with an auestions you may have to the best of my abilities.

Me: Too right.

Bot: I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you mean by “too right.” Can you please provide some more context or clarification? I’d be happy to help with any questions you may have.

Clearly it has some way to go to understand sarcasm. But be careful to anger it – what’s to stop it from erasing everything on my laptop and yours?

Your thoughts? Are you concerned of what impact it will have on you?

What’s next for AI?

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