BALI DAY 9 – my last full day, fries + more sun

Quite the contrast to a day in Ubud, today was my last full day in Bali 😦

I had a nomad coffee at The Loft, experiencing all the sensations like the first, along with the remainder of my cinnamon scroll, whilst reading my book – bliss.

The rest of the day was even more blissful as I chilled at my friends’ hotel again. It was another hot one, so the suncream kept going on. It felt like my feet were partly burned because it was so hot. I could even feel the sweat dripping on me, everywhere – nice.

Fries for lunch. Book reading. Admire the beautiful ocean.

I even caught sight of the planes landing at the airport further up the coastline.

After many days of relaxation and exploring, I felt at peace, yet so sad to be leaving not only my friends, but this beautiful haven, that is Bali. Possibly my most favourite place on earth that I’ve ever visited. I loved it so much and will continue to do so – including its beautiful people.

As it was my last night, we had our final meal together, again at Cempaka which was such a hit the first night in Uluwatu that we went again. They had even bumped up the prices in just a matter of days, but still, it didn’t break the bank at all at 85k. I final ice cream was had too (30k) – pistachio always wins for me.

Apart from conveying how sad I was that it was my last day, there’s not much else to say apart from packing up the last of my things ready for the next day, ready to travel half way around the world, back home.

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