Whilst the wedding festivities may have reached a peak in Part 1, I continued to have a lovely weekend relaxing in Bellagio, Lake Como.


The following morning was slow, yet jolly as we met some of our friends for a coffee and croissant by the lakeside once more, this time at Restaurant La Terrazza. The sun was beaming down as I devoured my macchiato (honestly, they get coffee so right there!) and we all reflected on how amazing the wedding was.

The port continued to be busy with tourists popping into Bellagio for the day, as boats bobbed along the twinkling water. Shortly after, we joined a few more of our friends a short walk down where they were treating themselves to a dip in the lake – it looked a bit too cool for my liking, despite it being May 1st, but was crystal clear nonetheless!

The rest of the day was unapologetically spent consuming the best Italian food: a bufalina pizza at La Grotta for lunch, and then dinner at Ristorante La Punta, where I had a super yummy dish of spinach and ricotta ravioli. The views combined with the evening sun were something quite magical, especially in the company of giddy friends munching on the last of their affogatos.

My boyfriend and I skipped the pudding, instead pit stopping at Gelateria del Borgo, right by our apartment. I opted for scoops of pistachio and hazelnut… what a sensation.

The evening ended on a quiet, reflective note where we all met for a final drink back at Bar Sanremo again under the vines, grateful to have spent time together in the most perfect, romantic place.

Monday – Travelling home

The return home started early in order to get to Milan Malpensa for our midday flight. (This is ideal if you’ve stumbled across this post and are unsure of timings and costs.)

After (more) coffee and (more) croissants for breakfast, this time at Bar Pasticceria Rossi, we hopped onto the boat just after 8am (€14.80 person, one way) and got to Como train station, all within an hour. Keep an eye out for Villa del Balbianello which was featured in Casino Royale!

If I recall, this took between an hour and 1.5 hours, where we changed at Saronno (Como to Saronno €2.90, where you need to go to a machine to ‘authorise’ your ticket), before heading to the airport (Saronno to Malpensa airport €8) = seamless!

The flight back home was just as quick as it was going out, where the love bubble and its happiness continued.

Without a doubt I want to return to Lake Como and see more of Italy. If you do go, I hope you enjoy and love it as much as I did and found these posts useful!

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