This is a book I’ve had sat on my kindle for ages, and this time the library fixed that. There’s nothing better than holding a physical book, although a kindle can be handy when you want to read lazily. But hey, this isn’t a kindle review…

During school I went on the annual ski trip and I LOVED IT! The Chalet brought all the memories I’d forgotten and have made me crave it all again once more – but not memories of murder and suspicion, thankfully that didn’t happen!

Set in France, Catherine Cooper brings us a mysterious thriller novel with a murder set just over 20 years prior in 1998. Jumping between then and 2020 (pre-lockdowns thankfully!), we follow characters together in a chalet, yet there isn’t that much skiing amongst the modern bunch compared to the old bunch.

Married couple Hugo and Ria are trying for a baby, whilst sharing the chalet with his fat, slimy business partner, his chic young wife and their young baby, plus nanny, a potential customer, and Millie who works in the chalet.

As their week progresses (with little skiing done on Ria’s part), secrets are inevitably uncovered along with the parallel story of skiers in the chalet from 1998, involving brothers Adam, Will and his girlfriend, Louisa (Louise).

It features tellings from an unknown person who is obviously on the inside of the chalet but has a mysterious ploy to destroy some of the skiers’ experience – who is it and why?

I won’t lie I worked it out pretty quickly and wasn’t surprised.

It’s an easy read but wasn’t too compelling for me.

I like the ski memories (I must book a ski getaway soon!) but this just wasn’t quite for me. I prefer my holidays without murder…

Rating – 2/5 ⭐️⭐️

Genre – mystery, suspense, crime

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