Steven Bartlett. The new addition to the Dragons’ Den on BBC.

It’s incredible what getting on TV can do for your profile, but it hasn’t been without hard work.

A university drop out after just one lecture, Bartlett is an entrepreneur best known for being the founder of the super successful Social Chain Group, a social media publishing group. But then he left

He delves into his decisions which ultimately led to where he is now. I’ve followed him for a couple of years through his podcast, The Diary of a CEO, where he speaks to other founders, entrepreneurs and successful people in the public eye (their own CEO if you like) about how they got to where they are. I admire anything to do with business which I find fascinating, very much like his book.

‘Happy Sexy Millionaire’ – bit narcissistic for a book title you may be thinking.

These are in fact the goals he wrote in his diary to achieve by 25! It is crazy that with pure grit, commitment, dedication, resilience, hard work, patience and more, he has managed to achieve them all – in his own words.

Whilst I hoped for this to be an autobiography, Bartlett’s book seems to be more of a motivational self-help book, with few chapters dedicated to his life, mainly with anecdotes of experiences he has learned from. Ultimately, belief comes from within and only you can control your destiny.

I was intrigued on his stance of social media as he founded a company in this specific sector.

“Social media is lying to you – it lied to me.”

He acknowledges social media induces a lot of comparison thus mental health issues as many of us continue to think we are not doing well enough – no flash car, house of our own, insta-worthy holidays, girlfriends, boyfriends, partners, you name it.

One key reflection he draws upon is focusing on your own sand timerhow much do you value you your own time? I know I bloomin’ value mine, which probably doesn’t help my anxiety as I want to achieve so much in fear that I could leave this earth at any point.

The things that didn’t quite make it a 5 ⭐️ for me was the scattered ‘motivational’ quotes within (just not my style) and the fact it comes more across as a self-help book with some autobiographical bits thrown in (but other people prefer to absorb information in different ways).

“No matter what motivational seminar, talk or course you attend, you’ll quickly return to your default psychological state.”

Ironically, I have a feeling I will be doing very much this after read Bartlett’s book as I just don’t make enough time to practice recommendations given in self-help books. Call me arrogant, lazy, or ambitious for other things – I don’t care. My own problem lies with me.

But if there is any motivation that you need, it’s this:

you are enough.

Rating – 4 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Genre – memoir, autobiography, self-help book

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