Crikey, I cannot believe it has taken me nearly a year to write about these minis from No7 at Boots! Okay, maybe that is a small white liea few months!

I got some Boots HydraLuminous minis in the Boots post-Christmas sale last year which a baby pink water bottle. I won’t lie, I bought it thinking the minis would be a lot bigger… it turns out they really are quite mini at 15ml and 25ml.

They are great for travel and trying out the products before investing in the full sizes, which I have been trying out over the last couple of months.

Why did I want to try them?

I use the Neutrogena Water Gel moisturiser* which is great for my skin and doesn’t break me out, and I just love trying out new beauty bits anyway. I have combination skin which changes with the season, but it remains great for all and is a great base for makeup. However, it is a tad pricey for what I would like to pay (I love a bargain!) and I love the L’Oréal Hydra Genius which is a lot cheaper and identical.


A lightweight, clear moisturiser that mixes in well with SPF. Makes a great base for makeup, smells clean and makes the skin feel soft and hydrated for the rest of the day.


Like the Water Surge Gel which I use in the day, this overnight recovery cream sinks into the skin which makes it feel soft and smooth just in time for bed.


This midget bottle has a tiny dropper, making it handy for ‘measuring’ out a drop or two which is all you need. It is really gloopy and hydrating, however I found this kind of smeared across my face and felt like it sat on top instead of seeping into the skin. I wasn’t too much of a fan.

These minis have been a great introduction to the range and ideal for travel, like on my recent Corfu trip. They are very hydrating, but for me, I prefer my cheaper options which are also more widely available, whereas No7 is only stocked at Boots.

It doesn’t hurt to try, but if you prefer to spend a bit more on your skin care, then these would be a great investment without breaking the bank for sure.

Disclaimer: Links marked with * indicate an affiliate link. This does not cost you anything extra, but helps support my channel where I may earn a small commission

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