At the end of October, I managed to get away for a much-needed trip to Corfu. I’ve never been before and chose to go because 1) it’s close (3 hour flight from the UK) 2) inspired by the Durrells 3) COVID limited a lot of places 4) there is still a chance of sun at that time of year!

I LIVE for holidays and sunshine and this came at the perfect time. Despite the hassle of booking and doing all the admin for tests and locator forms etc, I had a lovely time with my boyfriend.

We booked through On the Beach which was handy for booking everything, although I will note there is the faff of then having to book and select flight seats separate and a transfer: we had 15kg baggage which I’d say was a tad light (20kg and I’d be alright!), but we really were not happy with the transfer. Even though it kept the price down a tad, it took us an hour as we were last to get dropped off. We also had to re-schedule our transfer back as the hotel was closing early, but the staff were fortunately very helpful with the matter! We were tired from travel, and I started to feel a bit sick from all the twisty roads and speeding around the island. Anyhow, we had the lovely Spyros as our driver (not cliché at all) we gave me Durrell’s vibes, along with old English tunes on the radio.


We stayed at Mayor Pelekas Monastery, a beautiful hotel set into the cliffs of the west side of the island, so we got an amazing sunset each day! Note, it is at the bottom of a very steep and windy hill. Our room was 5403 – we hit the jackpot! It was clean, had a sea view and one room either side, so we were shielded from the wind.

Sadly it was raining when we arrived in the early hours, and continued when we woke up the next day – so much so that I was looking for flights off of the island as the weather looked so poop for the week! Those kinds of holiday places just aren’t made for bad weather and I was so burnt out from work. I’m sure MANY people can relate. You wait months to have some time for yourself away, and the one thing you crave isn’t there 😦

Time is so precious.

But wait… I don’t know which elements were working with me, but the weather transformed! We had heat! Sunshine! Bliss!

Regardless of the weather, the hotel was brilliant: great staff, great food, clean and a nice beach.

Things to note about these kinds of islands: the tap water doesn’t taste the best, so bottled water is recommended (see my Edinburgh trip and you’ll understand!). As it is an old island, the sewage system unveiled some quite foul smells… and soz if TMI, but you are advised not to throw toilet paper down the toilet 🙂


When the weather was a bit overcast, we went to Corfu town. There is a free shuttle bus from the hotel to Pelekas at the top of the hill to the bus stop (which waits for the shuttle, would you believe!). It is €2.30 into town, and €1.50 back which takes about 25-20 mins each way.

I got Italy vibes from the random houses on the island. Tones of citrus, red grapefruit and tropical fruit-coloured houses are dotted everywhere with viridian green shutters.

Corfu town was great (we even went back in the evening later in the week for dinner), where we picked up a chicken souvlaki from Pitta Pappou for €2.50! OMG it was DELICIOUS! It was incredible and such great value, and we even sat in the town square where the sun soon beamed down on us.

A lot of the shops are the same, selling knock off versions of clothes, bags, football tops and more. The side streets were wonderful and bustling with tourists as you can imagine. We walked by the sea and up to historic bits, and through the gorgeous, quiet side streets.

We were incredibly lucky with the weather as we had sun for pretty much the rest of the week and some heat, would you believe! That’s what you get for going during the last week of the holiday season… we got to the hotel for the final week it was open, so no wonder we thought it was a bit quiet.

I’m certain there are many things to do besides sitting by the pool or beach: boat trips, sea activities, days outs, but you’d be a bit stuffed for when the weather is a bit poopy.

Anyhow, as I said we were very fortunate with the sun. I was SO tired and SO burnt out. I slept, rested, read books, wrote blog posts and did a lot of thinking. Holidays are meant to be for you. They are a selfish time. You’ve earned it. Do whatever the hell you want. Eat what you want. As long as you do what is best for you and what you want.

In the end, I had a lovely time. It was a great break for us both, sat in the sun doing nothing but relaxing 🙂

I’m glad we visited and had a break – something that we were very fortunate to do.

I’m in no rush to go back, especially as I like to try new places, but I guess my standards are very high! I was so desperate for a holiday, and that we had.

I hope you enjoyed this if you’re inquisitive about Corfu, this hotel, or just fancy a nose! I wouldn’t blame you!

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