After the success of her first book/memoir Everything I Know About Love, Dolly Alderton’s first fictitious novel Ghosts is based on her past experience of dating, being ghosted and her popular newspaper column of other people’s dealings with romance. (Her first is still on my never-ending TBR pile!)

Through the experiences of Nina, Alderton creates the perfect woman who is unapologetically; her. She isn’t afraid to admit she has a job she loves as a food writer, a London flat she owns – on her own – and isn’t afraid to tell her horrid new neighbour what she thinks of him, even if he does put the black bins in their shared recycling bin…

I immediately liked Nina, as I have found it is rare to find a strong, modern character that represents what women are growing to become and learning to not be afraid of standing up for themselves and not taking any sh*t, whether that be with their job, life, family and friendships.

It seems life couldn’t be getting any better, even when Max comes along and seems too good to be true – the perfect man, surely? Good looking, a decent job – even if he doesn’t like it, like most of us – well-mannered and very charming. So much so, that at the end of their first day, he insists he will marry her. Bold claim, right?

Maybe not as life quickly becomes a sh*t show which she tries to work through, despite everyone else around her seeming like they have their sh*t together.

It turns out they don’t, very much like real life, but people won’t admit it!

Nina is ghosted by Max, ghosted by her friends and then faces the reality of her dad’s existence becoming a ghost as he slowly succumbs to dementia. To top it off, she faces the probability that her nightmare downstairs neighbour, Angelo, could be a murderer. Is her soul set to become a ghost? More on that later.

But good for Nina, as she has a tidy up of her life and starts to ghost others – sometimes it’s just needed. I’ll drink (a cup of tea) to that!

I love how Alderton touches on Nina’s relationship with friends in her life, including the lovely Gwen and irritable Katherine who refuses to accept the world works for her and her children, much to Nina’s patience. Go girl!

I also loved Lola; lovely, king, witty, innocent Lola who is convinced she has found the one… but soon encounters a ghosting from him.

I did not expect in the slightest for Nina’s encounters with Angelo, but all I would say is read until the very end! I haven’t read a twist like Alderton provided in a LONG time!

I know I’ve picked up a goodie when I feel sad to finish it, which is what I felt with Ghosts. I think it came down to Nina being a very strong female lead, along with a relatable storyline which Alderton captures beautifully, encompassing Nina’s friendships, relationships and experience of facing life and having a job she actually likes. There’s hope!

Praise for Dolly Alderton!

Rating – 5/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Genre – romance, fiction, comedy, domestic fiction


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