This was recommended on my goodreads, probably as I am a massive Jane Austen fan, specifically Pride and Prejudice, as well as Netflix’s Bridgerton which I also intend to read.

Now, I get some books will be similar, but this one was almost identical to Pride and Prejudice, making me somewhat bored – however, the one thing slightly saving itself is the sex.

Yep, sex keeps it interesting shall we say? Whatever floats your boat, otherwise I would have put this back on the shelf, as what is the point in reading the same novel where only character names are changed?

The main characters, widow Lady Diana Templeton and Lord Jeremy Overington are the comparable Lizzie Bennett and Mr Darcy, mirroring evident sexual tension and ‘hatred’ for one another, with Diana full of wittiness and Jeremy as an uptight pr*ck with a stick up his arse🙃.

Their chemistry heats up upon the agreement of a £100 bet that he won’t be wed within the year, whilst also agreeing to a unique arrangement of gauging how good he is in bed, with her providing advice. Friend with benefits, right? And we all know how that turns out…

The pair’s meetings and stolen looks don’t go unnoticed by friends and family, understanding that their feelings will be given in to at some point.

If you’re familiar with Austen’s novel, then you can probably guess how this ends. I would have rated this less than half, but as I said before, the intimate relations perk it up a little and give the story some jest with the wonder of not if, but when the two will share advice and put a ring on it, as t’was back in the day.

Not quite a disappointing read, but an almost boring one which is a shame. I’d highly recommend sticking with Pride and Prejudice, otherwise a watch of the juicy Bridgerton!

rating – 3/5
genre – romance (regency, historical), fiction, historical fiction

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