We last saw Rachel and Nick get their happy ending – kind of – which didn’t please a lot of people, nor does it seem that way 2 years on from Crazy Rich Asians.

China Rich Girlfriend is full of characters just as crazy and entitled as the prequel – and I love it! Whilst it isn’t as funny as the first, we continue to get an insight into their elaborate, rich lifestyles which continues to leave Rachel unfazed as she is set to marry Nick. 

It’s a shame there wasn’t much of an appearance from Nick’s mother, Eleanor: as much as I despised her, I did like the tension and drama caused between her and Rachel not being good enough for her son. There are more mini twists throughout and wild (and wealthier) characters, yet I found there wasn’t more to experience, especially with the few appearances from Peik-LinKitty and Bernard, some of my favourite characters which are also expertly portrayed in the film.

However, making my way into the last quarter of the book … I was compelled. Rachel is poisoned, which I don’t think anyone sees coming. No spoilers for you here though, I promise. Just when I thought Kevin Kwan was faulting, he piqued my interest once more as such things can happen in real life…

I’ve not much else to say without giving much away. The novel continues to be full of drama, wit and rich people problems, and I am looking forward to reading the final addition to the trilogy!

rating – 4/5
genre – fiction, romance, comedy, domestic fiction

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