A review for those into crime and thriller books – something I not overly keen on, despite trying to force myself to each time. I’m not sure if it is working…

I got Girl on the Train vibes when reading this and will admit, I really struggled to like any of the characters. It is very easy to dislike themAlison and Carl are married: it is clear the pair dislike and merely tolerate each other for their daughter Matilda’s sake. He is controllingmanipulative and full of sarky comments, whilst she, Alison, is an alcoholicoverworked lawyer having an affair with her colleague Patrick, who she also switches between loving and loathing.

Set in London, Alison’s profile has been upgraded to take on the case of Madeleine, who wants to admit to stabbing her husband Edwin. The irony throughout becomes clear that men are controlling – to the point Edwin put birth control pills in her tea, yet she defends his actions!

I was bored throughout reading, particularly as I was unsure where the story was actually headed: yes, there is a murder trial on the horizon, but there was not much emphasis on it as she seemed to want to admit, and then Alison is facing problems of her own but seems to be nonplussed at her situation changing.

Still, halfway through, nothing had happened. I’d say it got until page 200 (of a book of just over 300 pages) that there was a hint that something might happen, only for this to cool off and become dull once more. 

Loose ends were tied within the last 20 pages, with a twist I was not expected, yet upon completion was left sighing, with a deflated feeling.

I’ve rated this as literally halfway as I failed to see an enticing storyline, but was surprised by the mini twist. 

Maybe a read for those really into crime books; not so much if you are forcing yourself to, like me!

rating – 2.5 (literally on the fence)
genre – crime, thriller, mystery, domestic fiction

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