Damn! I couldn’t not talk about these rich beauties on my blog!

I’ve found as I’ve got older, I’ve used hand cream a lot more 1) bc it smells nice and 2) my hands get so dry!

Part of my job in a supermarket involves handling a lot of goods pretty much every second – put that together with a Pandemic, face masks and germs, of course I’m going to be sanitising my hands more = dry hands.

I was previously using Body Shop hand creams which were great but they have since stopped selling them. I needed something a bit more rich and my goodness I have found it!

The beauties by Balade are vegancruelty free and smell delicious!

Pear is by far my favourite scent for my hands as it is subtle, yet gorgeous. the consistency is rich and thick

They don’t leave a greasy feel when I’ve rubbed it in and are the perfect size to carry with you – the pot size is so cute!

Great for anyone dealing with dry gremlin hands like me!

Check them out here!

Cream jar 40ml

Cream tube 30ml

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