I remember wanting to read this having searched something like ‘wealthy genre books’ after watching Billions or McMafia. Fast forward to now and I have finally got round to reading it! And what a pleasantunexpectedread it was! I listened to the audiobook too which I would highly rate!

Set across Asia, mainly in Singapore, it follows the story of various wealthy families including the Youngs, where author Kevin Kwan captures family politics, culture, class, money and obscene wealth in his captivating novel (part of a trilogy). Some say it is actually quite close to real life!

We follow Rachel who travels with her boyfriend Nick to Singapore to meet his family, completely unaware of the wealth he is set to inherit, as well as attend the most talked about wedding of friends Colin Coo and Araminta Lee.

The movie is insane and I loved it, with confirmation they will be following up with sequel films to the book trilogy!

I loved Kwan’s writing and wit, portraying each character’s personality perfectly, moreover with the actors in the film, such as Awkwafina as Rachel’s bestie Peik Win, plus the OTT reactions of rich people worrying about the smallest of things or splashing money wherever.

money rules.

The story is a little cliché with Nick’s mum not welcoming Rachel to the family, claiming she will never be good enough for her son. However, the insane richness of the families involved is bewitching, boasting properties, planes, jewellery and designer brands, yet they don’t seem to quite cover the sadness and difficulties any family faces behind their apparently-perfect exteriors.

I really enjoyed this novel and look forward to reading the rest, to find out what happens of Nick and Rachel, which I hope you explore at some point too. 

Will Rachel ever feel welcomed? Will Nick give everything up for her? What other madness lies ahead?!

rating – 5/5
genre – romance, comedy, drama, romcom

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