When I first started reading this, I just could not get on with it. I found the format very ambiguous and confusing, as it appeared to be a disorganised amalgamation of stories from people in New York, through some kind of interview. I wasn’t sure whose perspective it was from, flicking between first and third person, questioning its purpose.

However, I then researched and learned it was based on Bushnell’s experience as a columnist for the New York Observer. As I continued reading, I then understood why it switched between characters and storylines so abruptly, although some reviews argue otherwise.

If you intend to read this because you liked the film or series, do not compare the two as the producers definitely did a better job of portraying it on the screen! (Hence ‘adaptation’)

Knowing this, the book becomes easier and quick to get through, although at times it makes you question the relevance. Some of the stories are mini interviews with random New Yorkers, revealing the innards of their experiences of mainly, sex. And the occasional (mostly failed) relationship.

Gays, singles, players, rich guys, rich girls. 

Blow jobs, quickies, affairs and alleyway liaisons: you name it.

Some of the characters that do repeatedly appear include Samantha, Miranda and Carrie – no Charlotte – and Mr Big. I like that Bushnell at least follows Carrie and Big’s relationship, however it is difficult to like the story as SJP and Chris Noth’s portrayal in the series and film are sooo much better.

rating – 2/5 (a messy, unsatisfying read
genre – romance, chicklit, fiction, anthology

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