A Wedding at The Beach Hut – sounds cosy, right? And cosy it is! This is the first Veronica Henry I have read (one in her Beach Hut series), seeking something easy and calm to read, with a warm sense of feel-good (perfect during this mildly warm, wild and weird time of year!)

I do look forward to something going wrong in a novel, and surely there does in here, but not as juicy as others, keeping you grounded and calm throughout the read.

Robyn and Jake are expecting a baby and have just got engaged, so we follow them as they await the birth and plan a wedding. Seems simple enough.

But, Robyn is adopted.

And with all these exciting things happening, she believes now if the perfect time to find out where she comes from; who she truly is. Who wouldn’t I guess? Some events make us feel the need to take action and reach out.

We follow her track down her real mum – and real dad – as well as break the news to her (adoptive) parents, who are also facing money issues and the possibility of selling their beloved farm. What will they think? And will they sell up?

Then there’s Jake’s parents who have split, with his dad Rocky experiencing the excitement of online dating with Melissa. Similarly, there is the charming, head-strong Gwen who is adamant she will never fall in love and is happy on her own – until her new neighbour (decent looking chap) Boyd moves in (my fave couple to follow in the book, albeit briefly).

The storylines mingle into one, coming to a head at the inevitable wedding.

I know this won’t be for everyone, yet it is a very calming read for those seeking something to reset and take a step back from the busyness going on in the world, seeking some warmth and happiness.

Veronica Henry is an author and has been a TV script writer for Doctors and Holby City.

warm, comforting and an easy read

rating – 4/5 (more if there was a bit more of a juicy twist)
genre – romance, domestic fiction

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