i’m keeping this post simple, firstly because i, like many people, am bored of the Covid-19 puns and references, so i thought i would write a short one about my Christmas plans and share my CHRISTMAS QUIZ with you that i have made! (keep reading!)

like many, these will be very different than other years we and many others are used to, surrounded by loved ones and basking in the festive spirit of the shops, music and activities [i’ve come to miss walking past the town centre Santa’s Grotto]

every year my family and i take it in turns to host oneanother and come together to celebrate Christmas, exchange presents, have a laugh and hearty Christmas lunch [at like, 3pm!]. this year, however, it will just be my parents, siblings and me. i understand we are still lucky than most this time of year where some may not be able to share this time, despite support bubbles, with the fear of passing something on. i would advise reaching out and speaking to a loved one – i facetime my Grandma and it works a treat for us both, making her day all the better to see a face just before heading to bed.

every year i prepare and host a CHRISTMAS QUIZ with a few different rounds (including Disney!) to make sure everyone feels like they know something – including my Nan, friends, cousins, parents and young ones!

CLICK HERE to get a copy for your own festivities! (this is tailored towards the UK, but other folks are welcome to attempt it!)

as there won’t be extended family to see this year, i will be taking some time to rest and recharge as best as i can [in between work, uni studies and MANY other commitments!], as well as shoot you a few more blog posts as i have been a tad quiet in recent months.

for now, i wish you all the best. stay safe and have a wonderful Christmas!!!

what are your Christmas plans?!

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