Chatty Week – What Christmas Means To Me

Christmas. It means something different to everyone.

For some it can be the most magical time surrounded by friends, family and loved ones, filling up on all the best festive treats and dinner.

Meanwhile for others, it can be the most lonely and difficult time. Some dread spending the whole day alone, not even being able to pop out to the shops just to see a face, or not being able to gift someone something special.

I think it’s important we take the time to be grateful for the things we perhaps take for granted. Gifts are great, however I appreciate the time I get to spend with my family more as it is it’s own unique gift that can only be created in the moment and not bought (soppy I know).

What do I do on Christmas day?
Similar to most years, I will spend the morning listening to Christmas tunes whilst unwrapping and gifting presents with my parents, siblings and Grandma at home, before we make our way to my relatives’ house for Christmas lunch. It often leads to a quiz and game, or simply just chilling and chatting and sporting a full belly.

I shall be sporting my pudding Christmas jumper (cheeky) and may even take one of my festive bakes


Once the day is done, Mum, Grandma and I will most likely head out to the sales on Boxing Day to find some cute bargains on things we had our eye on before, or just spend the day in a food coma! I like to take this time between Christmas Day and New Year to unwind and reset, before getting ready to start the new year and think about where my current mindset is.

It’s important you take the time you can to look after yourself and loved ones; saying hello to a random person may make their day!

Merry Christmas to you all and your loved ones, I hope you have a safe and joyous time!!
Lizzie x

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