The Actual Debut Post

First of all, thank you SO much to everyone’s feedback and engagement offline after my ‘souper’ post, it really means a lot and fills me with happiness! I hope you enjoy the future posts I have lined up 🙂

Welcome! You have found my cheesy ‘about me’ blog post after a ‘souper‘ first one.

You might be wondering; ‘Lizzie, why a blog? Why now?’

For a few years I have wanted my own space to discuss topics and share my thoughts, however personal or weird they may be – like me, as I have been told…

I love reading other bloggers’ content, which has partly inspired me to take the plunge and just do it whilst trying to care a little less about what other people, because deep down we all do at some point, right? I’m hoping to discover a bit more about myself, to expand my creativity skills and find something I truly enjoy other than eating anything in sight, going to the gym or reading a book!

I’m so grateful to be surrounded by friends and family who have supported this. What’s the worst that could happen – they laugh?

Fact: They’re not a true friend.

Since I was a kid, my mind has always wanted to keep itself busy, from reading a book whilst in front of the TV, or taking on more than I can handle, putting unnecessary pressure on myself to have achieved X by Y date without realising it.

But most importantly, I want to do this for my own sanity and to be held accountable to do something consistently, as well as open up about mental health; something very important to me. I try to be open about it to others who can relate or are interested in knowing more and are generally concerned. I still struggle to comprehend when people do actually care; sometimes there are individuals who just aren’t interested and that’s okay too, everyone is different. This is a great hobby and opportunity – and I’m doing it for me. The chance to be creative and shape something into my own excites me; a feeling I’ve not felt for some time, as I try to regain some of the self-confidence I’ve lost over the years, whether that be self-esteem or about my body image.

People do actually care

I look forward to opening up about all kinds of weird and wonderful topics – recipes, lifestyle bits, fashion (if you can call living in gymwear 24/7 fashion) and fitness among a few. Look out for Chatty Week where I will dive into random topics I fancy, where you can feel free to read at any time. There may be a few ‘safe’ topics for now, but we will get there – eventually!

Feel free to leave a comment below!

Anything you want to see?

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