#LizzieReads Stardust – Neil Gaiman Upon looking on my (now favourite) Goodreads app, I saw that this book has rave reviews. It has been sat on my Kindle from the moment I got it about 5 years ago and I have finally managed to read it – in quick succession indeed! The first page instantly hit me [...]


you may have noticed a few more #LizzieReads posts have been published recently. and I will admit there are even MORE coming your way! the fact is that I ADORE reading. And, I can't believe I hadn't made use of goodreads, a platform for rating, reviewing and keeping track of books you have read. I [...]


I get that we are pretty much half way through march (already?!), but it still means there is time to suggest some good tv and films to watch whilst we are still inside keeping out of the cold and away from a certain virus! of course, there is a plethora that I would recommend, but [...]