Here we are, nearly into February which means it could be time for you to pursue that New Year's Resolution you've been putting off for the past month - joining the gym. January has nearly passed it is likely there will be a few who managed to stick it out; now it's your turn to [...]

Quick Lunch Ideas #1

This week's post was a sudden change to my original plan after a lightbulb moment from one of the girls at work: 'omg I'm running out of lunch ideas, I just want something healthy' *lightbulb moment for Lizzie* This aims to provide some ideas to those wanting some new inspiration, or to make an adjustment [...]

New Year, New Decade

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I thought I would give us all a few days to recover before getting back into the blogging and work routine. I wanted to take this opportunity to focus on my goals and potentially the decade - what do I really want to achieve? THE DECADE CharityI have done a skydive and [...]